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Born And Bred

Belfast, NIR
Born and Bred

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Address: 60 62 Ann St, Belfast BT1 4EG, United Kingdom MapGet Directions

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Please keep in mind that due to temporary closures, the times listed below may not accurately reflect current opening hours.
Day Working Hours
Monday Jun 17 10:00-18:00
Tuesday Jun 18 10:00-18:00
Wednesday Open now 10:00-18:00
Thursday Jun 20 10:00-21:00
Friday Jun 21 10:00-18:00
Saturday Jun 22 10:00-18:00
Sunday Jun 23 13:00-18:00


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Born and Bred is a delightful shop located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It offers a unique and diverse range of locally made goods, making it an ideal destination for those seeking special gifts and souvenirs. With its friendly service and charming atmosphere, this shop stands out as a top choice for visitors and locals alike.


  • 🎁 Find the perfect gift: Born and Bred boasts a lovely selection of items to choose from, ensuring you'll discover that one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones.
  • 💡 Thoughtful souvenirs: Unlike typical tourist shops, Born and Bred offers souvenirs that are far from tacky. From sweaters to black jam, you'll find an array of unique and meaningful items that celebrate the local area and Ireland/NI as a whole.
  • 🎨 Artistic haven upstairs: Take a wander round and explore the upstairs section of the shop, where you'll find artists at work. This is an opportunity to witness the creative process firsthand and perhaps even meet the talented individuals behind the artwork.
  • 🛍️ Eclectic shopping experience: Downstairs, you'll discover a treasure trove of cards, prints, foods, beanies, socks, household items like mugs, magnets, and coasters. Born and Bred truly offers something for everyone, making it difficult to leave without making a purchase or two.
  • 🍀 Authentic Irish souvenirs: If you're looking for interesting Irish souvenirs, Born and Bred presents a quirky, artsy, and heartfelt alternative to mainstream options like Carroll's. They embrace the duality of identity in Northern/The North of Ireland with humor and good taste, providing a genuine reflection of the local culture.
  • 🌟 Positive reviews: Customers have praised Born and Bred for its great gifts, lovely selection, and friendly service. The shop's commitment to offering high-quality products and a warm atmosphere shines through in the feedback it receives.
  • 📍 Convenient location: Born and Bred is conveniently situated in Belfast, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Its popularity has made it a go-to destination for those looking for unique shopping experiences.
  • 👍 Excellent customer service: The staff at Born and Bred are known for their friendliness and helpfulness. Whether you need assistance in finding the perfect gift or want recommendations for local attractions, they are always ready to assist you with a smile.
  • 📸 Picture-perfect moments: The shop's beautiful artwork and photography of the local area and Ireland/NI in general make it an excellent spot for capturing memorable photos and embracing the vibrant culture of the region.
  • 🛍️ More than just a shop: Born and Bred offers an overall experience. It's not just about the products; it's about the atmosphere, the creativity, and the opportunity to support local artisans and makers. By choosing Born and Bred, you'll contribute to the local community and take home a piece of Belfast's artistic soul.

Why Choose Born and Bred?

Born and Bred stands out among other shops in Belfast for its authentic and unique offerings. With its diverse selection of locally made goods, friendly service, and commitment to showcasing the creativity and culture of Northern Ireland, it provides a shopping experience like no other. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift, want to indulge in high-quality souvenirs, or simply wish to immerse yourself in the local arts scene, Born and Bred is the ideal destination. Step into this charming shop and discover a world of artistic treasures waiting to be explored.

Service Opportunities in the Business:
  • ✅ Delivery
  • ✅ In-store shopping

Today working hours: 10:00-18:00


Payment methods accepted at this establishment:
  • ✅ Pay with debit cards
  • ✅ Accepts NFC mobile payments

Service Opportunities in the Business:
  • ✅ Offers delivery
  • ✅ Has in-store shopping

  • ✅ Wheelchair-accessible entrance

This Gift shop received 4.6 points from 183 customer reviews.

The address of Born And Bred is:

Born and Bred
60 62 Ann St
Belfast, BT1 4EG
P: +442890230475

Open 7 days a week. The days and hours that Born And Bred is open:

Monday :   10:00-18:00
Tuesday :   10:00-18:00
Wednesday :   10:00-18:00
Thursday :   10:00-21:00
Friday :   10:00-18:00
Saturday :   10:00-18:00
Sunday :   13:00-18:00

Yes, it is open since 10:00. It will close at 18:00.

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