Best Places in Tamworth, England

1 Best Place in Tamworth

Rosie's Restaurant
1 Rosie's Restaurant

1547 White Mountain Hwy, Tamworth, NH 03886, United States

Rating: 4.8 (1100)

Best Places List

1 KFC Tamworth - Ventura Retail Park
Fried chicken restaurant chain
Rating: 3.4 (1326)

Ventura Park Road Phase II,Ventura Retail Park, Tamworth B78 3JD, United Kingdom

KFC Tamworth - Ventura Retail Park

Products/Services: Fast food restaurant, Chicken restaurant, Chicken wings restaurant, Fried chicken takeaway, Takeout restaurant

2 Frankie & Benny's
Italian-American family chain restaurant
Rating: 3.9 (1055)

Bolebridge Park, Tamworth B79 7PB, United Kingdom

Frankie & Benny's

Products/Services: Italian restaurant, American restaurant, Family restaurant

3 Tamworth Audi
Rating: 4.2 (796)

Kinson Dr, Bonehill Rd, Tamworth B78 3JF, United Kingdom

Tamworth Audi

Products/Services: Audi dealer, Car dealer, Chauffeur service, Used car dealer

4 Sytner Tamworth BMW
Rating: 4.4 (768)

Winchester Rd, Tamworth B78 3HG, United Kingdom

Sytner Tamworth BMW

Products/Services: BMW dealer, Car dealer, Car repair and maintenance, Used car dealer

5 Nando's Tamworth
Spicy Afro-Portuguese chicken chain
Rating: 4.1 (683)

Unit 1, Ventura Retail Park, Ventura Park Rd, Tamworth B78 3HD, United Kingdom

Nando's Tamworth

Products/Services: Restaurant, Chicken restaurant, Delivery service, Meal delivery, Portuguese restaurant, South African restaurant

6 Joseph's Hair Team
Rating: 4.9 (266)

21-23 Bridge St, Polesworth, Tamworth B78 1DR, United Kingdom

Joseph's Hair Team

Products/Services: Hairdresser

7 Aston Villa FC Training Ground, Bodymoor Heath
Rating: 4.6 (229)

Bodymoor Heath Rd, Tamworth B78 2BB, United Kingdom

Aston Villa FC Training Ground, Bodymoor Heath

Products/Services: Sports complex, Soccer field

8 Johnsons Volkswagen Tamworth
Rating: 4.2 (221)

Ventura Park Rd, Tamworth B78 3HL, United Kingdom

Johnsons Volkswagen Tamworth

Products/Services: Volkswagen dealer, Used car dealer

9 Steve's Fish and Chips
Rating: 4.1 (200)

35 Lower Gungate, Tamworth B79 7AT, United Kingdom

Steve's Fish and Chips

Products/Services: Fish and chips takeaway, Fast food restaurant, Fish & chips restaurant

10 St Mary's Veterinary Surgery
Rating: 4.8 (189)

5 St Mary's Way, Amington, Tamworth B77 3EY, United Kingdom

St Mary's Veterinary Surgery

Products/Services: Veterinarian

11 Tamworth Sports Bar
Rating: 4.5 (179)

32 Victoria Rd, Tamworth B79 7HL, United Kingdom

Tamworth Sports Bar

Products/Services: Bar, Event venue, Function room facility, Live music venue, Pool hall, Wedding venue

12 Papa Gs
Rating: 3.8 (168)

63 Church St, Tamworth B79 7DF, United Kingdom

Papa Gs

Products/Services: Pizza takeaway, Fast food restaurant, Fish and chips takeaway, Meal delivery, Pizza restaurant

13 Ephesus
Rating: 4.3 (151)

11A Church St, Tamworth B79 7DH, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Pizza restaurant, Fast food restaurant

14 Companion Care - Tamworth
Rating: 4.6 (150)

Ventura Park Rd, Bonehill, Tamworth B78 3HB, United Kingdom

Companion Care - Tamworth

Products/Services: Veterinarian

15 Sports Direct
Rating: 3.6 (146)

Unit C, Ventura Retail Park, Ventura Park Rd, Bonehill, Tamworth B78 3HB, United Kingdom

Sports Direct

Products/Services: Sportswear store, Bicycle store, Clothing store, Outdoor sports store, Running store, Shoe store, Soccer store, Sporting goods store, Tennis store

16 Poundbakery
Supplier of hot & cold baked goods
Rating: 4.2 (141)

19 Market St, Tamworth B79 7LX, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Bakery, Sandwich shop

17 Just Guys Barbershop
Rating: 4.8 (120)

330 Wilnecote Ln, Belgrave, Tamworth B77 2LE, United Kingdom

Just Guys Barbershop

Products/Services: Barber shop

18 Jobas Takeaway
Rating: 3.9 (115)

81B Bolebridge St, Tamworth B79 7PD, United Kingdom

Jobas Takeaway

Products/Services: Takeout restaurant, Fast food restaurant, Indian takeaway

19 Polesworth Sports Centre
Rating: 4.2 (110)

Dordon Rd, Dordon, Tamworth B78 1QT, United Kingdom

Polesworth Sports Centre

Products/Services: Sports complex, Gym

20 Big Bites
Rating: 3.5 (103)

318 Glascote Rd, Glascote, Tamworth B77 2AX, United Kingdom

Big Bites

Products/Services: Takeout restaurant, Fast food restaurant

21 SnowDome Fitness, Gym & Spa
Rating: 4.5 (95)

Fitness and Spa Leisure Island, Riverdrive, Tamworth B79 7ND, United Kingdom

SnowDome Fitness, Gym & Spa

Products/Services: Swimming pool, Children's amusement center, Fitness center, Health spa, Leisure centre, Spa, Spa and health club, Sports complex, Gym

22 Rage Hair
Rating: 4.8 (89)

5 King St, Tamworth B79 7DB, United Kingdom

Rage Hair

Products/Services: Hairdresser

23 Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital
Rating: 4.1 (87)

Plantation Ln, Mile Oak, Tamworth B78 3NG, United Kingdom

Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital

Products/Services: General hospital, Hospital, Government hospital

24 Jealousi
Rating: 4.7 (85)

2 Glascote Rd, Tamworth B77 2AA, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Hairdresser

25 Poachers Cafe's Bistro
Rating: 4.4 (82)

6 Church Ln, Tamworth B79 7AX, United Kingdom

Poachers Cafe's Bistro

Products/Services: Cafe

26 Quality Cake Company
Rating: 4.7 (79)

28-30 Atherstone St, Fazeley, Tamworth B78 3RF, United Kingdom

Quality Cake Company

Products/Services: Cake shop, Party store

27 Caledonian Fish & Pizza Bar
Rating: 3.5 (79)

61 Caledonian, Tamworth B77 2ED, United Kingdom

Caledonian Fish & Pizza Bar

Products/Services: Fish and chips takeaway

28 Smyths Toys Superstores
Supplier of toys, bikes & video games
Rating: 3.9 (77)

Ventura Retail Park, Unit F, Phase 2, Ventura Park Rd, Tamworth B78 3JD, United Kingdom

Smyths Toys Superstores

Products/Services: Toy store, Baby store, Bicycle store, Electronics store, Hobby store, Outdoor sports store, Video game store

29 Tamworth Pizza and Kebab House
Rating: 3.9 (76)

55 Lower Gungate, Tamworth B79 7AS, United Kingdom

Tamworth Pizza and Kebab House

Products/Services: Takeout restaurant, Pizza restaurant

30 Cousins Kebab House
Rating: 3.7 (75)

12 Cedar Dr, Tamworth B79 8QL, United Kingdom

Cousins Kebab House

Products/Services: Kebab shop