Best Places in Ballymena, Northern Ireland

5 Best Place in Ballymena

1 Galgorm

136 Fenaghy Rd, Ballymena BT42 1EA, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.7 (4083)
Leighinmohr House Hotel
2 Leighinmohr House Hotel

Leighinmohr Ave, Ballymena BT42 2AN, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.6 (1256)
Nobel Cafe
3 Nobel Cafe

102-104 Church St, Ballymena BT43 6DF, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.6 (767)
Wyse Byse Ballymena
4 Wyse Byse Ballymena

33-39 Church St, Ballymena BT43 6DD, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.6 (456)
Halfords - Ballymena
5 Halfords - Ballymena

Unit 1 Galgorm Rd, Ballymena BT43 5LT, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.6 (321)

Best Places List

1 The Range, Ballymena
Home, garden & leisure goods retailer
Rating: 4.3 (3570)

Braidwater Retail Park, Larne Rd Link, Ballymena BT42 3ES, United Kingdom

The Range, Ballymena

Products/Services: Home goods store, Art supply store, Department store, Furniture store, Garden center, Home improvement store, Lighting store, Pet supply store, Rug store, Toy store

2 Tower Centre
Rating: 4.0 (2395)

Wellington St, Ballymena BT43 6AH, United Kingdom

Tower Centre

Products/Services: Shopping mall

3 Tullyglass Hotel and Residences
Refined rooms & suites, plus event space BEST
Rating: 4.5 (1878)

178 Galgorm Rd, Ballymena BT42 1HJ, United Kingdom

Tullyglass Hotel and Residences

Products/Services: Bar, Hotel, Conference center, Restaurant, Wedding venue

4 Sainsbury's
Rating: 4.3 (1465)

Braidwater Retail Park, 4, Larne Rd Link, Ballymena BT42 3AG, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Supermarket, Bakery, Frozen food store, Fruit and vegetable store, Grocery store

5 Lidl
Rating: 4.4 (805)

Link, Larne Road Link Castle Demense, Ballymena BT44 0BD, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Grocery store, Fruit and vegetable store, Promotional products supplier, Supermarket

6 KFC Ballymena - Larne Road Link
Fried chicken restaurant chain
Rating: 3.5 (720)

20 Larne Rd Link, Ballymena BT42 3GA, United Kingdom

KFC Ballymena - Larne Road Link

Products/Services: Fast food restaurant, Chicken restaurant, Chicken wings restaurant, Fried chicken takeaway, Takeout restaurant

7 IMC Cinema Ballymena
Rating: 4.3 (711)

30 Larne Rd Link, Ballymena BT42 3GA, United Kingdom

IMC Cinema Ballymena

Products/Services: Movie theater

8 Pets at Home Ballymena
Source for small pets, food & equipment BEST
Rating: 4.5 (649)

6 Braidwater Retail Park, Larne Rd Link, Ballymena BT42 3AG, United Kingdom

Pets at Home Ballymena

Products/Services: Pet store

9 Dunelm
Home goods & soft furnishings specialist
Rating: 4.3 (570)

Bridge Park Retail Park, Larne Rd, Ballymena BT42 3HA, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Furniture store, Bed shop, Blinds shop, Curtain store, Home goods store, Lighting store, Paint store, Rug store, Wallpaper store

10 Marks & Spencer
Rating: 4.4 (527)

Unit 2, Fairhill Shopping Centre, Fairhill Ln, Ballymena BT43 6UG, United Kingdom

Marks & Spencer

Products/Services: Department store, Children's clothing store, Convenience store, Currency exchange service, Men's clothing store, Wholesale market, Women's clothing store

11 Currys
Rating: 3.8 (495)

3 Braidwater Retail Park, Ballymena BT42 3AG, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Electronics store, Appliance store, Camera store, Cell phone store, Computer repair service, Computer software store, Computer store, Data recovery service, Electronics repair shop, Video game store

12 Costa Coffee
Rating: 4.2 (427)

80 Larne Rd Link, Ballymena BT43 6AH, United Kingdom

Costa Coffee

Products/Services: Coffee shop

13 TK Maxx
Brand-name clothing at bargain prices
Rating: 4.4 (404)

2-6 Thomas St, Ballymena BT43 6AU, United Kingdom

TK Maxx

Products/Services: Department store

14 Screwfix Ballymena
Source for tools, hardware & DIY goods BEST
Rating: 4.5 (373)

3, Pennybridge Business Park, Pennybridge Industrial Estate, Ballymena BT42 3HB, United Kingdom

Screwfix Ballymena

Products/Services: Hardware store, Electronics store, Home goods store, Home improvement store, Plumbing supply store, Supermarket, Wholesaler

15 Cameron's Retail Furnishings
Department store with homeware & fashion
Rating: 4.3 (373)

23-29 Broughshane St, Ballymena BT43 6EB, United Kingdom

Cameron's Retail Furnishings

Products/Services: Department store, Cafe

16 Granny Annies Ballymena
Rating: 3.8 (348)

17-21 Broughshane St, Ballymena BT43 6EB, United Kingdom

Granny Annies Ballymena

Products/Services: Bar

17 DVA Test Centre
Rating: 4.2 (343)

22 Pennybridge Industrial Estate, Ballymena BT42 3ER, United Kingdom

DVA Test Centre

Products/Services: Car inspection station

18 Galgorm Castle Golf Club
Castle grounds with golf course & hotel BEST
Rating: 4.5 (335)

200 Galgorm Rd, Ballymena BT42 1HL, United Kingdom

Galgorm Castle Golf Club

Products/Services: Golf course, Golf club

19 Primark
Discount fashion & accessories retailer
Rating: 4.1 (321)

30 A, Tower Centre, Wellington St, Ballymena BT43 6AH, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Clothing store

20 The Front Page Bar
Rating: 4.4 (301)

9 Ballymoney St, Ballymena BT43 6AL, United Kingdom

The Front Page Bar

Products/Services: Pub

21 Tesco Superstore
Rating: 4.1 (301)

Larne Rd, Ballymena BT42 3HB, United Kingdom

Tesco Superstore

Products/Services: Supermarket, Convenience store, Grocery store, Produce market

22 Iceland Supermarket Ballymena
Supermarket specialising in frozen foods
Rating: 4.4 (289)

35, 43 High St, Ballymena BT43 6DT, United Kingdom

Iceland Supermarket Ballymena

Products/Services: Supermarket, Bakery, Frozen food store, Fruit and vegetable store, Grocery delivery service

23 N & P Tyres Ltd
Rating: 4.8 (275)

17 Larne Rd, Ballymena BT42 3AX, United Kingdom

N & P Tyres Ltd

Products/Services: Wheel alignment service, Tire shop

24 Fenaghy Veterinary Clinic
Rating: 4.8 (268)

133 Galgorm Rd, Ballymena BT42 1DE, United Kingdom

Fenaghy Veterinary Clinic

Products/Services: Veterinarian

25 Gwen's Cafe
Rating: 4.6 (267)

121 Church St, Ballymena BT43 6DG, United Kingdom

Gwen's Cafe

Products/Services: Cafe, Breakfast restaurant

26 Grafters
Rating: 4.6 (254)

Pennybridge Industrial Estate, Ballymena BT42 3HB, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Cafe, Breakfast restaurant

27 Jollyes - The Pet People
Rating: 4.5 (253)

Larne Road Retail Park, Larne Rd, Ballymena BT42 3HA, United Kingdom

Jollyes - The Pet People

Products/Services: Pet store, Pet supply store

28 Poundland
Chain for groceries, toiletries & more
Rating: 4.4 (239)

Unit 14, Tower Centre, Ballymena BT43 6UF, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Discount store

29 Follow Coffee
Rating: 4.7 (233)

Greenvale St, Ballymena BT43 6AR, United Kingdom

Follow Coffee

Products/Services: Coffee shop, Breakfast restaurant, Cafe, Lunch restaurant, Pizza restaurant, Tea house

30 SuperValu
Rating: 4.4 (222)

9 Main St, Kells, Ballymena BT42 3JH, United Kingdom


Products/Services: Supermarket, Liquor store

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